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VITO publishes the results of independent research: 1 LightCatcher generates 20,000 lumen and can replace up to 12 fluorescent lights

In September 2012, VITO, the Flemish institute for technological research, published the results of a long-term lighting study. For nine months the LightCatcher was continuously subjected to light measurements in a specially developed test installation (see photograph). The light outputs were measured on different ceiling heights and different floor surfaces. Such long-term research that investigates the performance of a system over all seasons is unique in the world.

Jan Borms, CEO Vondelmolen

“As a food company, we are very committed to the environment. With our LightCatcher operation we wanted to bring more natural light to our workfloor. We save on our energy bills, our electricity consumption falls, and our people work in more pleasurable conditions. That is a triple win.” Jan Borms, CEO Vondelmolen