A new concept: LightCatcher Light Energy

Interested in free light but not yet ready to invest in the purchase of daylight systems or in works on your roof?
Because you don’t invest in bricks or buildings, because you’re not the owner of the building, or because you have other priorities?
Then EcoNation has good news for you.

Is your building at least 5,000 sqm in size? Then you no longer need to invest in light domes or roof works to be able to save using daylight. We will do that for you through our ‘LightCatcher Light Energy’ concept. EcoNation places LightCatcher light domes on your roof, absorbs the entire investment, monitors the energy savings together with you in real time, and shares the profits with you. You will receive the same intensity of light as previously but for a guaranteed lower price. This way you can save immediately on your energy bill with a guaranteed return, but without investing one single euro.

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