Are you buying LightCatchers? That means that you are investing in green solutions and the government appreciates that.
Your LightCatcher investment is therefore also eligible for subsidies, especially since the LightCatcher has been recognised as ‘Best Available Technology’, the guarantee that you are buying the most efficient daylight system in Europe.

The subsidy application process is often a complicated nightmare of rules and calculations. EcoNation will be pleased to assist you and accompany you through the application process for your subsidies:
we prepare the documents for you, make the calculations, and help you at every stage. You need look no further.

How many subsidies are you eligible for? That differs from country to country. Some indications:

  • In Flanders (Belgium) you have a right to around 25 to 30% of subsidies if you are an SME (a combination of three types of subsidies: the ‘Ecologiepremie’ (Ecology grant), ‘REG-premies’ (grants for rational energy usage) and a higher investment allowance). For public buildings, government support can go up to 70% (in the form of ‘REG-premies’ and cooperation agreements).
  • In Brussels and Wallonia (Belgium) the involvement is limited to date to a 4.6% net subsidy (in the form of a higher investment allowance of 13.5%).
  • In the Netherlands the participation of the government comes to around 18% of the total invoice (combination of EIA and KIA measures).
  • In Hungary the subsidies go up to 40% within the KEOP programme.
  • In Singapore the subsidy goes up to 50% of the total invoice under the condition that the energy savings are monitored via our certified technology.

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