Company structure

EcoNation R&D (Research & Development)

The heart and soul of the LightCatcher technology of the present, but especially of the future. Lighting experts and a select group of other experts work together at EcoNation R&D to build the daylight innovations of the future. Technology that performs even better, products that become more simple and efficient, extra services, and extra options. EcoNation R&D is constantly innovating based on academic research, interesting feedback from customers and an inspiring, ever-changing world.

EcoNation D&L (Distribution & Logistics)

Our group’s operating company. Our direct link with the customer, this is where the LightCatchers are made, assembled, sold and delivered to a number of countries. EcoNation D&L operates out of Ghent, a central location in Belgium at the heart of Europe.
It controls various subsidiaries in countries where we have a direct permanent establishment such as Morocco and China.
In other countries, we work with preferred partners .
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EcoNation Services

The EcoNation group’s data centre. It is here that performance monitoring, maintenance contracts, lighting calculations and energy overviews are generated and processed. This is where energy savings from all over the world are monitored. EcoNation Services also completes tailored simulations and energy calculations for your project and assists you with your subsidy applications. All the necessary documents are prepared for you here.

EcoNation LiCom (Light Investment Company)

The investment group behind the financial model. Your contact for the LightCatcher Light Energy contract. The EcoNation LiCom absorbs the investment for the LightCatcher installation on your roof. It is strongly underpinned by major investment funds and banks, and is supported by permanent government guarantees.
As a result, it is your trusted partner throughout the term of the agreement. EcoNation is an active shareholder and manager of LiCom.
We are pleased to offer you the highest possible levels of trust and security; we invest in your intelligent solar roof ourselves!