Corporate Social Responsibility


EcoNation stands for sustainability at each stage of the value stream.
We develop ecological daylight systems with a CO2 guarantee; our systems have an ecological footprint that is up to 6.6 times smaller than that of traditional daylight systems.
Our systems don’t use any kWh and do not emit one single gramme of CO2 throughout their lifecycle.
Therefore, a LightCatcher is not only good for your pocket, but also for the ecological value of your building, your surroundings and the environment.

Good causes

But there’s more. Two percent of our revenue goes to good causes. We support a number of projects, both at local and international level.
We buy energy-saving bulbs for the poorest families in Morocco: for each LightCatcher fitted in Morocco, we can help 10 families by providing them with energy-saving bulbs.

Liter of Light

EcoNation also supports the ‘Liter of Light’ project. Liter of Light was launched in the slums of Manila in the Philippines by Illac Diaz. Today, there are driven and enthusiastic Liter of Light teams operating in ten developing countries. What is the principle? Discarded Coca Cola bottles are filled with water and bleach and placed on a roof, creating a ‘solar light bulb’ which is literally, a ‘Liter of Light’. This type of solar light bulb has the same effect as a normal incandescent light bulb but uses no energy. The beautiful light from the sun is reflected in the bottle and shines in the room. Thanks to Liter of Light, daylight is brought to the darkest, poorest areas of the world.
The Liter of Light team proves how crucial daylight is and how simple innovation can be. And because a picture paints a thousand words, watch their YouTube film. Two million others already have.
We strongly believe in this project and support it together with our customers. For every LightCatcher sold here, we help ten families in the south.