Light strength and lux: what do they mean?

The lux value represents the intensity of light. In other words, the light strength of your building. We will give you several general examples and recommendations with regard to light strength, depending on the space and what it is used for.


Packaging and transport 150-250 lux
Production lines 300-500 lux
Production control 400-700 lux
Assembly areas 400-700 lux


Meeting room 250-400 lux
Computer work 300-500 lux
Reading work 300-500 lux


Halls, staircases 80-200 lux
Shelving 400-600 lux
Tills 400-700 lux


Sports centres 200-300 lux
Halls 80-200 lux
Classrooms 250-400 lux


Halls 100-200 lux
Rooms 200-300 lux
Research centres 250-600 lux
Operating theatres 600-1.500 lux


Lobby, toilets 150-200 lux
Reception, desk 250-400 lux