And we have plenty more happy customers

Garage in Belgium:

“Beautiful light. In addition to the energy savings, which are of course nice, we can promote our green image and give our customers a good visual effect. It looks exactly as though we have bright lights hanging from our ceiling. That is how nice the light from the LightCatchers is.”

International airport in the Netherlands:

“Our halls are large, dark and high. The effect of the LightCatchers is amazing. They are small openings but they make a world of difference. Beautiful and abundant light. With the slightest bit of winter sun, our artificial light can be completely turned off for hours. There is a difference of more than 20% on the energy bills. Inside and all around an airport, you naturally have extreme circumstances and sensitivities, but the technology works perfectly!”

Nuclear plant in Scandinavia:

“The LightCatchers had to be fitted into a sloping roof. They were perfectly adapted and fitted. The material is enormously robust and burglar-proof. The domes are unbreakable and once fitted the system can simply not be opened again.”