Case 1 – on the workfloor

Gingerbread manufacturer Vondelmolen (Lebbeke, Belgium)

Jan Borms, CEO: “As a food company, we are very committed to the environment. With our LightCatcher operation we wanted to bring more natural light to our workfloor. We save on our energy bills, our electricity consumption falls, and our people work in more pleasurable conditions. That is a triple win.”

The initial situation? The packing room at Vondelmolen. Around 1,700 sqm in size. Warm area with no windows. The area was lit up with high-wattage mercury-vapour lamps. This meant high energy costs and yellow-coloured light on the floor.

The solution?
23 LightCatchers (+ 3 in the passageway), so 1 LightCatcher per 65 sqm of surface area to be illuminated, symmetrically distributed on the roof. The LightCatchers are positioned in such a way that they easily blend into the ceiling structure and bring the light where it is needed, to the machines and the packaging belts.

The customer’s verdict? Borms: “A fantastic experience. I have already recommended the LightCatcher in the neighbourhood and we have also already ordered LightCatchers for another warehouse. Our people are very happy. They now work in the daylight all day.”

Facts and figures

Before: 48 lamps of 250 watts each
(+ ballast use)
On for 16 hours a day, 260 days a year
Annual usage: 62,375 kWh (calculated at a cost of € 8,046)
After: 48 lampen van 250 watt
(+ ballastverbruik)
The lights are now only on for 6 hours a day.
For an average of 10 hours a day, the LightCatcher delivers enough daylight.
Usage for the rest of the year: 23,391 kWh (calculated at a cost of € 3,017).
Annual savings thanks to the LightCatcher: € 5,029 (or 2.96 EUR/sqm of surface area).
Annual reduction in CO2 emissions: 29.6 tonnes (comparable to taking 10 average family cars out of circulation for a year).