Extra options and modifications

Real-time monitoring of energy savings

Wireless performance monitoring in real time: we monitor the light output + the performance of the LightCatcher technology together with you. You will receive monthly feedback via e-mail, or you can monitor the graphics on a day-to-day basis via your smartphone or a secure section on this website (you will receive a separate login for access).

How does the technical side work? We install a gateway (router) in your building that communicates with our server and with antennas that are integrated within the LightCatchers on your roof.

What is the result? You can monitor your light output and energy savings at all times via a secure website + you get a clear overview every month.

Additional facts. Smart maintenance. This way you can remotely monitor the performance of your LightCatchers as well as verify the positioning of the mirror, the performance of the engine and the power of the batteries. Every quarter new software updates can be uploaded to the LightCatcher if necessary. This way you are always guaranteed the best performance out of the technology.

Control of your artificial lighting

Automatic interaction with your artificial lighting: we control your light fittings directly from the LightCatcher. This way you can obtain maximum savings on artificial light. You no longer have to push a button. The LightCatcher determines itself when to switch off your lights. And if there is insufficient daylight, then the lights come on again.

How does the technical side work? We install a gateway (router) for every area of your building that communicates with the LightCatcher domes (via integrated antennas). The light intensity in the dome is measured and that is converted to a light strength on your floor. The light strength is compared with your desired light strength. Depending on the result, a signal is sent to your lighting (directly to your fittings via an interface or via your BMS system).

What is the result? The lights are only on when they need to be. The LightCatchers regulate your lighting usage and quickly reduce your energy invoice.

What if you don’t want to invest?

Then we invest for you! For roofs from 5,000 sqm, EcoNation absorbs the whole investment (LightCatchers + installation + monitoring) and we share the energy savings. Your new lighting bill will always be lighter than it is now. Your advantage: your energy bills are immediately reduced without the need to invest in your roof or buy light domes. Are you interested? Then do contact us to receive a tailored calculation.