LightCatcher Light Energy: our guarantee, your certainty

LightCatcher Light Energy guarantees you:

  • LightCatcher energy savings for € 0 investment.
  • You will receive the same intensity of light as previously but for a guaranteed lower price.
  • The Best Available Technology on your roof (confirmed by the government after independent research), including software updates.
  • Daily monitoring in real time of your energy savings that you can consult via monthly reports, on a secure website or on your smartphone.
  • Product guarantee for the entire duration of the agreement. Continued optimum performance of all the technological parts.
  • fixed price for the entire duration of the agreement (not index-linked). You are protected against your traditional energy supplier’s price increases.
  • fixed efficiency correlation between the light in the dome on the roof and the light on your floor. This is established in the contract and remains the same over time.
  • Security: high-quality, shockproof polycarbonate domes with burglar-proof fitting.
  • All the advantages of daylight: full colour spectrum, pleasant shade, healthy, high-comfort lighting.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for your artificial light. Starters and bulbs are used less and therefore last longer.
  • Minimal temperature fluctuations: very compact openings (1 to 3% of your roof surface) with excellent thermal insulation.
  • The full CO2 savings: our technology works autonomously and the light energy is produced without emitting even 1 gramme of CO2.
  • Guarantee of light output and energy savings. Maximum of 25% deviation from the previously calculated light output.
  • Extendable to 7/7 lighting at no additional cost.
  • After an agreed term, you become the owner of the entire LightCatcher installation for only € 1.