Is the LightCatcher a solution for me?
I am an architect or a construction engineer

Highest efficiency

The LightCatcher is recognised as being the Best Available Technology. This has been confirmed by the authorities (see technology number 100083 on the Limitative Technology List). That gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your customers will benefit from the best daylight system on their roofs and that they will receive subsidies from the government for this.

Flat roof

The LightCatcher fits easily onto flat roofs (meaning all roofs with a gradient of less than 6 degrees). Our standard curb height is 18 cm. The length of the light shaft (standard 54 cm) is variable.

Sloping roof

A LightCatcher can also be fitted on a sloping roof. For this we use tailor-made curbs to correct the gradient.

Lighting study and plan

EcoNation would love to help you develop the best distribution of your LightCatchers. Send us your plans in PDF or AutoCAD format and we will calculate how many LightCatchers are needed and where they can best be inserted.

Cross-sections and parts

Would you like a cross-section of the LightCatcher with all the parts indicated? You can find this here.
Do you prefer an AutoCAD drawing? Contact us and we will happily give you more information.

Technical specifications

Would you like all the technical information on measurements, thermal insulation, light and performance of our LightCatcher?
Click here for the technical specifications in Dutch.
Click here for the technical specifications in French.
Click here for the technical specifications in English.

Technical description / specifications

Are you already convinced of the usefulness of LightCatchers for your project? Then you are probably looking for a detailed technical description for your specifications. You can find that in our customer area.