Is the LightCatcher a solution for me?
I am an infrastructure manager

Interaction with your artificial lighting

You do not save money just because you have domes on your roof. The LightCatcher integrates unique technology that controls your lamps directly from our domes. This way, your lights are only turned on when there is insufficient daylight. Our technology is flexible and universal. It controls the lights directly and can transmit signals to your Building Management System, possibly in combination with movement sensors.


The LightCatcher is self-cleaning thanks to its specific design. The curved shape of the exterior dome ensures that dirt does not stick. The smallest rain shower will rinse away any dirt.


The mirror technology is self-learning and self-maintaining. Do you want to monitor the services, performance and energy savings from up close? The LightCatcher technology allows for permanent monitoring. You can monitor all movements as well as the light output from your computer or smartphone.
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Replacing old light shafts

Your current light shafts are allowing too much heat in. In summer you have to cover them to avoid it getting too hot on the floor. As a result you are thinking of sealing up the whole roof. Or replacing your old light shafts with others. Then the LightCatcher is likely the solution you’re looking for. The LightCatcher provides plenty of light through compact openings in your roof. This means that we will not need to use up the full surface area of your current roof lights, but only a fraction of it. The rest of your roof will be sealed off. For this we work with genuine roof specialists such as Atab and Prodek.

You benefit from a triple win: your building is better insulated, you have more daylight inside without the heat, and you have more space on your roof for other uses.