Is the LightCatcher a solution for me?
I am a roofer/installer

The LightCatcher is simple to install. The only thing that is vital is the correct opening. The LightCatcher comes in one size which requires an opening of 1.30 m by 1.30 m.

EcoNation has a team available for installing LightCatchers but you can also do it yourself. The LightCatcher is not more difficult to install than any other light dome. The curb and light shaft are assembled on the roof with rivets. The technology activates itself. You don’t have to set or start up anything at all. The outside dome is closed with burglar-proof screws. All the mounting materials are delivered to you.
You need to factor in 1.5 hours to a maximum of 2 hours of labour to install the LightCatcher.

You can find a full installation manual in our customer area.
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