The technology behind the LightCatcher Light Energy concept

1. Intelligent light domes

The LightCatcher Light Energy concept uses smart daylight that is brought inside via LightCatcher light domes. The LightCatcher, acclaimed as ‘Best Available Technology’ with the guarantee of the most efficient daylight system, is an intelligent light dome that continuously intensifies, filters and optimises daylight. Sensor technology and a motorised mirror ensure that the optimum amount of light – once stripped of its heat – is diffused across your floor. This way, you always have well-distributed light with a pleasant shade where you want it and without it blinding you or emitting heat.
The LightCatcher combines the best of both worlds. All the advantages and colours of daylight but filtered and spread in such a way over the floor from fixed light sources that it is no different from artificial light.

LightCatchers operate completely autonomously, without connection to your electricity grid, so they don’t use up one cent of energy during their entire lifecycle. The thermal insulation is maximal, maintenance is minimal, and light comfort is guaranteed. Your lights can be off for up to 3,650 hours a year. They LightCatcher brings you the same light intensity but with higher light comfort, a full colour spectrum and a warm, pleasant shade.
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2. Automatic interaction with your artificial lighting

It is not just because you have a daylight system that you save money. Windows or domes do not save you money if your lights are on when they don’t need to be. And that is often the case. Through its automatic interaction with your artificial lighting the LightCatcher ensures that you don’t spend one unnecessary cent on energy. Our LightCatchers directly control your lighting via a wireless and autonomous sensor system, from the domes themselves. No cabling in your building, no sensors on your roof or on the floor, no standby power use, no surprises. We can feed signals to your Building Management System or to the system that controls your light fittings directly from the LightCatcher. This way your lights are never on when they don’t need to be.
The LightCatcher is the only light dome in the world that directly controls your lights, without additional intervention and straight from the dome.

3. Measurement and monitoring technology

In collaboration with specialised engineers and professors, EcoNation has developed unique measurement and monitoring technology that allows you to monitor all energy savings, wireless and in real time. The light output is constantly monitored and reported. The light quantification and performance monitoring go through a completely objective model and are neatly summarised in graphics every day that you can consult yourself online or via your smartphone. We also send you monthly overviews of the energy savings you have made. And you will naturally notice the difference when you receive your energy bills.
EcoNation is the only daylight provider in the world in possession of this kind of wireless monitoring technology for daylight. The system, developed by EcoNation R&D, is patent-pending worldwide.

High comfort. No surprises.

New? Yes, but very thoroughly tested. EcoNation only works with industrial-standard high-quality materials that already have a longstanding and proven reputation. Our exterior dome is made from shock-proof, unbreakable polycarbonate. Above all, we have subjected our technology to rigorous testing. It was subjected to independent tests, including those by the University of Ghent and the VITO research institute, which advises the European Commission as an expert on lighting.

This way, we can guarantee the best quality, now and in the future, confirmed by independent research.