VITO publishes the results of independent research: 1 LightCatcher generates 20,000 lumen and can replace up to 12 fluorescent lights

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In September 2012, VITO, the Flemish institute for technological research, published the results of a long-term lighting study. For nine months the LightCatcher was continuously subjected to light measurements in a specially developed test installation (see photograph). The light outputs were measured on different ceiling heights and different floor surfaces. Such long-term research that investigates the performance of a system over all seasons is unique in the world.

The entire VITO report drawn up by lighting experts who work for the European Commission can be consulted on our site soon but we wanted to share the conclusions with you here:

  • 1 LightCatcher replaces up to 800 watts of artificial light. This is comparable to 1 LightCatcher replacing 12 traditional fluorescent lights. If these are turned off for a whole year, then the energy savings generated are around 2,920 kWh (or 2.21 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced every year).
  • 1 LightCatcher gives up to 20,000 lumen on a spring day. Foreign research into other daylight systems established a performance of only 2,000 lumen, or ten times less (!) than with the LightCatcher. Once more, independent research confirms the unrivalled performance of the LightCatcher and proves why it is recognised as the ‘Best Available Technology’ for daylight.

For more information feel free to contact Paul Van Tichelen’s team at VITO (Mol, Belgium).

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