The only “smart” light dome in the world

Daylight is everywhere. Even on a gloomy winter’s day there can be 5,000 lux outside. That is twenty times more than the average light strength at a workstation.

But how do you bring that light inside in a sensible way? How do you maximise the incoming light without it becoming a disturbance, or blinding? How do you bring that light inside without the heat?

These are all questions we have answered with the development of our LightCatcher technology. It is quite simply revolutionary. The LightCatcher is always one step ahead of any other daylight system in the world. It is so much more than merely a moving mirror.

The LightCatcher is intelligent from all angles:

  1. Intelligent mirror positioning
    We measure the optimum point of light on the roof separately for each LightCatcher via integrated sensors. Each dome has its own on-board computer, its own heart. Is the sun visible? Then the LightCatcher mirror faces the sun. Is the sun behind clouds or local obstacles (such as a wall, an antenna cabinet, or tall buildings nearby)? Then the mirror finds a point next to these clouds or obstacles.
  2. Intelligent entry of daylight
    The light is UV-filtered through a light shaft and rid of its heat. It is also spread across a very wide surface area thanks to prismatic lenses.
  3. Intelligent control of artificial light
    Based on the light measured by our sensors and an interpretation and application of the same light to a light intensity on the floor, we can provide wireless control of your lamps from the light dome itself. This means that the LightCatcher can generate real savings: the lights go out following an instruction from our dome, without relying on someone to push a button.
  4. Intelligent monitoring of energy savings.
    We can quantify your energy savings directly from our monitoring technology based on the light measured by the sensors. That makes our dome an intelligent lighting system that not only interacts with artificial light but also monitors energy savings in real time.
  5. Intelligent updates and maintenance via wireless interaction
    Directly from within our technology, we create a network with wireless communication that communicates all the movements of the mirror to servers. This way the system can work independently, and correct, reset or receive new software uploads by itself. This makes the system a self-learning and self-maintaining light dome.