Technical specifications

Dimensions Roof opening 1,30 by 1,30m
Height of dome 62cm
Curb 18cm high
Light shaft Between 40cm and 1,40m (default size: 54cm)
Weight 71kg (all in)
Reflective surface of mirror 95% light reflection (0,5mm aluminium sheet)
Reflective surface of light shaft ≥85% light reflection (white zirconium coating)
Thermal insulation Through creation of two static air layers (U-value: 1,2)
Technology Based on light sensors and light calculations: pcb directs the mirror towards the brightest light spot on the horizon
Power consumption None. Fully autonomous thanks to solar panel (6 by 37cm) and battery pack(5x 1,2 V NiMH)
Working voltage of motorized mirror system 6V
Average illuminance Height 4m ≥ 250 lux
Height 7m ≥ 200 lux
Height 10m ≥ 130 lux
Illuminance area Height 4m 8m by 8m (10*10 in summer)
Height 7m 9m by 9m (12*12 in summer)
Height 10m 11m by 11m (14*14 in summer)
Color temperature 5,500 – 6,500K (day light)
Working temperature -15°C – +75°C
Working hours 3,650 hours per year (on average, 10 hours a day: from 1h after sunrise to 1h before sunset)
Warranty Ten year limited (3 years on operating system)