The LightCatcher and your infrastructure

The LightCatcher is especially suited for industrial and public buildings.

It was made for flat roofs, but also for sloping roofs. In the latter case the curb (the supporting structure that is placed on the roof in which the LightCatcher is integrated) is adapted so that the technology can be fitted flat.

The LightCatcher fits into new builds as well as existing buildings. With new builds, we can already identify the optimum location during the design phase. For existing buildings, we use the actual layout of your infrastructure, taking into account any obstacles or obstructions (for example air vents, high shelving or other obstacles at the level of the ceiling).

The LightCatcher light shaft can hang low, for example to perfectly slot into your lowered ceiling, but it can also be easily integrated at ceiling height. The shaft length is determined in consultation with you.

Whether you have a flat or sloping roof, a new build or an existing building, the LightCatcher adapts easily. The only thing you need is a free opening in the roof of 1.3 m by 1.3 m. This is necessary for putting the light shaft through the roof.