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If you have a roof surface of 5,000 sqm, please contact us to receive a tailored quote.
We will be pleased to tell you how many euros and kWh you can save with the LightCatcher Light Energy concept.
Or allow those who have already installed it to convince you.

A sample of recent cases:

Manufacturing building in the Netherlands: On a surface area of 10,000 sqm that was illuminated five days a week with new T5 fittings, we succeeded in turning off the lights for 85% of the operating hours. The annual energy savings are close to 350,000 kWh. The customer’s ecological footprint is reduced by reducing CO2 emissions by 265 tonnes per year. EcoNation absorbed the entire investment. The saving for the customer: around €2 00,000 after ten years and more than € 1M spread over twenty years. For all these years, the building will be lit for a fixed price. The customer is protected against the energy supplier’s annual price increases.

Warehouse with industrial shelving in Belgium. In a large 35,000 sqm space that was illuminated five days a week, LightCatchers, neatly distributed over the hallways, were incorporated at the design phase. The customer didn’t invest one cent. Now that the LightCatchers provide up to 92% of the lighting (with a minimum light intensity of 200 lux), the saving obtained is close to 600,000 kWh per year! From the first day, the customer is saving an average of € 3,000 per year. After ten years, the savings will add up to more than € 275,000. After twenty years, the savings will reach €1.3M. That is €1.3M that the customer would otherwise have had to pay to the energy supplier. EcoNation guarantees the return for the entire term of the LightCatcher Light Energy agreement.

Factory + warehouses in Morocco. A factory and warehouse space of around 150,000 sqm was eligible for a LightCatcher Light Energy proposal. The spaces were already illuminated with energy-efficient lighting (high-frequency T5 lighting) but the annual energy savings via LightCatchers are vast: around 4 million kWh! The customer didn’t have to invest here either. EcoNation took care of the whole operation and investment. And the customer? After ten years he will have saved € 1.8M, with an additional € 3.8M in the following five!

Storage space in Belgium. These are transit warehouses with a total surface area of 15,000 sqm. The lighting hadn’t been renovated in fifteen years. There were still old, high-energy fluorescent lamps. The LightCatchers brought the energy consumption down from 450,000 to less than 60,000 kWh. The customer didn’t have to do anything to obtain that. The LightCatcher Light Energy agreement guarantees immediate savings (and an annual CO2 reduction of around 300 tonnes)! After twelve years, this comes to € 300,000 and after fifteen years even up to € 600,000!