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What is the LightCatcher?

The LightCatcher is an intelligent skylight, featuring a revolving mirror which captures the daylight and reflects it downward. It is the best value for money daylighting solution and therefore the leading ecological alternative to traditional skylights.  The LightCatcher brings diffused and comfortable daylight inside and puts a stop to temperature fluctuations.

The basic principle

The basic principle of the LightCatcher is very simple.  Thanks to an intelligent sensor-based technology combined with a self-learning algorhythm, a revolving mirror integrated into a polycarbonate light dome orients itself towards the brightest spot in the sky.  This is usually the sun, but if the sun is blocked by clouds or obstacles, it identifies another spot.  This means that the mirror optimally reflects daylight inside from sunrise to sunset, with this light passing through an UV filter and subsequently being dispersed diffusively. A built-in solar panel guarantees that the mirror revolves with the sun in a completely autonomous manner.

You can save up to 3,300 hours of luminous power every year. An opening in your roof of 1.6 sqm provides sufficient light for a floor area of 60 to 120 sqm.  

The LightCatcher brings the maximum amount of daylight into a building through an exceptionally small opening in the roof, thus avoiding the disadvantages of traditional light domes or light shafts such as blinding sunbeams or uncomfortable heat.

The LightCatcher brings plenty of light, comfortable light, free light, healthy light into your building.

EcoNation developed the LightCatcher in collaboration with the university of Ghent.  The LightCatcher was solely elected as Best Available Technology.

The LightCatcher is especially suited for industrial and public buildings, and can be installed on flat roofs and slightly pitched roofs.

The LightCatcher can be installed on new buildings but integrates very well in retrofit roofing projects too. We can already design the optimal layout during the design phase of new buildings. In case of retrofit projects, we take the future lighting requirements of the interior space as a starting point, and take any obstacles or obstructions on the existing roof into account (for example air vents, high shelving or other obstacles at the level of the ceiling).

The light shaft can be made to measure, for example to perfectly slot into your lowered ceiling.

Whether you have a flat or sloping roof, a new build of an existing building, the LightCatcher adapts easily.  The only thing you need is a free opening in the roof of 1.3m by 1.3m, which is necessary to slide the light shaft through the roof.


The LightCatcher was developed in 2009 by EcoNation R & D, the research department of EcoNation NV. Through intensive cooperation with the research partners below, a robust and reliable technology was designed.



Dieudonné Lefèvrestraat 17

1020 Brussel



Universiteit Gent

St. Pietersnieuwstraat33

9000 Gent




Bd. A. Reyerslaan 80

1030 Brussel



Flanders Make

Celestijnenlaan 300

3001 Heverlee



Groen Licht Vlaanderen

Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1

9000 Gent



Labo Lichttechnologie

Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1

9000 Gent



Vito NV

Boeretang 200

2400 Mol




Zandbergstraat 19

8500 Kortrijk


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