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EcoNation is a Belgian company that specializes in the development, production and installation of intelligent daylight systems for commercial and public buildings in various industrial markets.

This offers an economical and ecological alternative to traditional skylights and light domes.

EcoNation commercializes the 'LightCatcher' worldwide, a patented skylight that captures the daylight through a revolving mirror and reflects it inside in a diffuse manner.


The LightCatcher is an intelligent skylight that brings daylight inside. Thanks to an ingenious mirror, daylight reflects inside from sunrise to sunset. The two integrated flat lenses ensure an optimal diffuse dispersion.

The LightCatcher can be seen as the most efficient skylight in the market and has already won several awards


Your roof needs renovation?


Do you suffer from extremely hot buildings in the summer and are you annoyed by high heating costs in winter?


Your skylights or domes needs to be replaced?


EcoNation guides your renovation plans to create a pleasant working environment.


EcoNation guides you through selecting the optimal artificial lighting for your building(s).


Depending on your needs, we help you to draw up plans and lighting simulations and work out a customized proposal

for you.







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